Songs about Consequences

Every action has its echo in the melody of life. Songs about consequences weave tales of cause and effect, often reflecting on the aftermath of choices made.

Dive into the verses that capture the weight of decisions and the ripples they create. Explore the lyrical journeys that resonate with the theme of consequences.

  1. Obsesión (feat. Judy Santos) Aventura
  2. Trouble Coldplay
  3. Billie Jean Michael Jackson
  4. Ella y Yo Aventura
  5. Bad Boys Inner Circle
  6. Llovía Canserbero
  7. Robbers The 1975
  8. Oppening Theme Pretty Little Liars
  9. Cuatro Babys (feat. Trap Capos, Noriel, Bryant Myers y Juhn) Maluma
  10. Maquito Neutro Shorty
  11. Marry You Bruno Mars
  12. Stan Eminem
  13. It Wasn't Me (feat. RikRok) Shaggy
  14. Perdon Mama Chuy Montana
  15. La Carcel de Sing Sing José Feliciano
  16. Bad Habits Ed Sheeran
  17. Jefe de nuevo Laredo Sergio Vega
  18. She Knows (feat. Amber Coffman & Cults) J. Cole
  19. This Is The Life Amy Macdonald
  20. Oompa Loompa Songs Charlie And The Chocolate Factory
  21. Tornado Of Souls Megadeth
  22. THE DINER Billie Eilish
  23. Man Down Rihanna
  24. Ji Ji Ji Patricio Rey y Sus Redonditos de Ricota
  25. Addict Hazbin Hotel
  26. Bad Blood Taylor Swift
  27. Secret The Pierces
  28. Amor de Madre Aventura
  29. El Mamut Chiquitito Unos Panas Ahí
  30. Secreto (feat. KAROL G) Anuel AA
  31. Los Tres Chanchitos La Granja de Zenón
  32. Look What You've Done Jet
  33. Bad Boys Will Smith
  34. La Martina Antonio Aguilar
  35. Bust Your Knee Caps Pomplamoose
  36. Buay Del Barrio El Roockie
  37. Al Vacío No Te Va Gustar
  38. Decisiones Rubén Blades
  39. I Can See You Taylor Swift
  40. Little Freak Harry Styles
  41. Cocaine Eric Clapton
  42. You're Gonna Go Far, Kid The Offspring
  43. El Bailongo En Lo Del Rengo Cuarteto Leo
  44. Heaven Julia Michaels
  45. Los Sacrificios Humanos de Alicia (Español) VOCALOID
  46. Por que sera? Rudy La Scala
  47. A Ella KAROL G
  48. Careless Whisper Wham!
  49. Amor de Madre part. 2 Aventura
  50. El columpio Los Alegres de La Sierra