Always Mine

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Eternal Devotion: The Unyielding Love in 'Always Mine'

Selena's song 'Always Mine' is a heartfelt declaration of unwavering love and devotion. The lyrics convey a deep emotional connection that the singer feels towards their beloved, despite the opinions and advice of friends who suggest moving on. The repeated phrase 'You... always mine' emphasizes the singer's steadfast commitment and the belief that their love is eternal.

The song explores the internal struggle of trying to let go but ultimately being unable to due to a profound, almost instinctual bond. The metaphor of a flower needing water to survive ('Como una flor que necesita el agua') beautifully illustrates how essential the beloved's love is to the singer's well-being. Without this love, the singer's soul feels withered and incomplete, highlighting the depth of their emotional dependence.

Selena's use of both English and Spanish in the lyrics adds a layer of cultural richness and personal authenticity. Phrases like 'Siempre mí, todo mí' and 'Cuando no estas yo siento frío' express the singer's feelings in a more intimate and nuanced way, reflecting the artist's bilingual background and the blending of her cultural identity. The song's repetitive and soothing melody, combined with its poignant lyrics, creates a sense of timelessness and enduring affection, making 'Always Mine' a touching ode to everlasting love.

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