Suano (feat. Amenazzy) [explícita]


A Raw Dive into Hedonism and Lust

The song 'Suano', performed by NTG with the collaboration of Amenazzy, is an explicit and unfiltered representation of nightlife and hedonism. The lyrics focus on physical attraction and sexual desire, using direct and often vulgar language to describe intimate encounters and the pursuit of pleasure. The repetition of phrases like 'ella quiere party, 'tá empastillá'' and 'me da más nota que ese culo e' real' underscores the importance of physical appearance and the use of substances to heighten the party experience.

The artist, known for their urban and reggaeton style, does not shy away from controversial themes in their lyrics. In 'Suano', the objectification of women is addressed, portraying them as objects of desire that can be financially maintained in exchange for sexual favors. The phrase 'yo te mantengo, no tiene' que trabaja'' reinforces this idea, suggesting a transactional relationship based on money and sex. Furthermore, the mention of drugs like 'Perco' (Percocet) and the use of explicit terms to describe sexual acts reflect a culture of excess and abandon.

It's important to note that such lyrics can be controversial and subject to criticism for their explicit content and portrayal of relationships between men and women. The song reflects a perspective that is often criticized for perpetuating stereotypes and a demeaning image of women. However, within the context of urban music, these narratives are common and part of the genre's identity.

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  1. Suano (feat. Amenazzy) [explícita]
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