The Cry Of Silence

Draconian Draconian

The Cry of Silence: A Symphony of Despair and Solitude

Draconian's "The Cry Of Silence" is a haunting exploration of deep sorrow, isolation, and existential despair. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of an individual consumed by inner turmoil and a profound sense of loneliness. The opening lines, "Filled with sorrow / Bleak inner self touched by pride," set the tone for the entire song, highlighting the protagonist's struggle with pride and solitude. This sorrow is not just a fleeting emotion but a constant companion, as indicated by the line, "I'm flowing with pain!"

The song delves into the protagonist's internal conflict, where they grapple with feelings of suspicion and abandonment. The metaphor of being "killed with the dagger of life" suggests that the very act of living is a source of pain. This is further emphasized by the lines, "Such an exquisite pride in my suffering / Alone, all alone with the emotional / Streams of my soul," which reveal a paradoxical pride in their suffering, as if it validates their existence. The protagonist's misanthropic view grows stronger, and they find a twisted sense of victory in their loneliness, seeing it as a triumph over the "self-delusion of joy and happiness."

As the song progresses, the protagonist's anguish becomes more palpable. They express a desperate need for retribution and a longing for a sense of unity and brotherhood, which feels like a distant dream. The repeated plea, "Shall I die, shall I die to be free?" underscores the depth of their despair and their yearning for release from their suffering. The final lines, "So please, let me die in silence / Oh my God, let me die in silence!" are a poignant cry for peace and an end to their torment. Draconian's gothic and doom metal influences are evident in the song's dark, melancholic atmosphere, making "The Cry Of Silence" a powerful and emotional journey through the depths of human despair.

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