Songs about Regret

Regret is a poignant emotion that resonates deeply in music, often leading to powerful and reflective lyrics. It's a universal feeling that connects listeners to the heart of an artist's personal experiences or storytelling.

Dive into the verses that capture the essence of regret and see how songwriters express this complex emotion. Discover other themes that stir the soul in the world of lyrics.

  1. Si Antes Te Hubiera Conocido KAROL G
  2. Mockingbird Eminem
  3. Careless Whisper George Michael
  4. Despídase Bien Carin Leon
  5. When I Was Your Man Bruno Mars
  6. Sparks Coldplay
  7. Lo Que Hay X Aquí Grupo La Receta
  8. The Night We Met Lord Huron
  9. The Scientist Coldplay
  10. The Reason Hoobastank
  11. Viva La Vida Coldplay
  12. Trouble Coldplay
  13. Save Your Tears The Weeknd
  14. Lonely Akon
  15. i love you Billie Eilish
  16. Before You Go Lewis Capaldi
  17. Por Amar a Ciegas Arcángel
  18. That Should Be Me (feat. Rascal Flatts) Justin Bieber
  19. One Last Time Ariana Grande
  20. Enrolar (Fantastic Four Remix) (feat. DrefQuila, Young Cister y Easykid) Kidd Voodoo
  21. El Próximo Viernes Espinoza Paz
  22. After Hours The Weeknd
  23. Slipping Through My Fingers ABBA
  24. Somebody Save Me (feat. Jelly Roll) Eminem
  25. Por Mil Noches AIRBAG
  26. Always Bon Jovi
  27. Querida Rosa CAMI
  28. Te Irá Mejor Sin Mí Joan Sebastian
  29. Intercambio Injusto Ivan Cornejo
  30. The One That Got Away Katy Perry
  31. Hello Adele
  32. You Know I'm No Good Amy Winehouse
  33. loml Taylor Swift
  34. Agora Maria Becerra
  35. Entre Nosotros (remix) (feat. LIT killah, Maria Becerra y Nicki Nicole) Tiago PZK
  36. Qué Agonía (feat. Ángela Aguilar) Yuridia Gaxiola
  37. Perdóname Camilo Sesto
  38. Bad Habit Steve Lacy
  39. Si No Te Hubieras Ido Marco Antonio Solís
  40. un x100to (feat. Bad Bunny) Grupo Frontera
  41. Ve y Diles V2 (remix) (feat. Lasso y Sebastian Llosa) Alex Ponce
  42. I Love You, I'm Sorry Gracie Abrams
  43. Cheque Al Portamor Melendi
  44. In My Place Coldplay
  45. Hier Encore Charles Aznavour
  46. Fuerte No Soy Intocable
  47. Still Loving You Scorpions
  48. Good Luck, Babe! Sabrina Carpenter
  49. EBRIO (feat. NTG) Amenazzy
  50. Ya Pedo Quién Sabe (feat. Christian Nodal) Grupo Frontera