Songs about Nostalgia

Nostalgia weaves through melodies, capturing the bittersweet longing for the past. It's a universal sentiment that resonates deeply in music.

Dive into the lyrical journey of reminiscence and discover how artists encapsulate this poignant emotion in their songs.

  1. Ohnana Kapo (COL)
  2. Sweet Child O' Mine Guns N' Roses
  3. Careless Whisper George Michael
  4. Photograph Ed Sheeran
  5. Dueles Jesse & Joy
  6. All Too Well (10 Minute Version) Taylor Swift
  7. I Want It That Way Backstreet Boys
  8. Somewhere Only We Know Keane
  9. Cuando Ella Me Amaba Alessandra Rosaldo
  10. Mix de Amor y de Miel Corazón Serrano
  11. Lo Que Hay X Aquí Grupo La Receta
  12. Yesterday The Beatles
  13. The Night We Met Lord Huron
  14. Pedro (Versión En Español) Raffaella Carrà
  15. As It Was Harry Styles
  16. Heaven Bryan Adams
  17. Memories Maroon 5
  18. Always Remember Us This Way Lady Gaga
  19. Someone Like You Adele
  20. Rapture Soldier Boy
  21. (真夜中のドア) Stay With Me Miki Matsubara
  22. Summertime Sadness Lana Del Rey
  23. Diskjokey La Bella Luz
  24. End of Beginning Djo
  25. El Teléfono Grupo 5
  26. cardigan Taylor Swift
  27. Fluorescent Adolescent Arctic Monkeys
  28. deja vu Olivia Rodrigo
  29. Puerto Montt Los Iracundos
  30. Glimpse of Us Joji
  31. Diet Mountain Dew (Demo) sparkle jumprope queen
  32. Un Finde (feat. FMK y Ke Personajes) (CROSSOVER #2) Big One
  33. We Are The People Empire Of The Sun
  34. Mónaco (feat. Danny Ocean) LAGOS
  35. Dreams From Bunker Hill Cigarettes After Sex
  36. Recuerdos de Julcán Marco Antonio Moreno
  37. The One That Got Away Katy Perry
  38. Brooklyn Baby Lana Del Rey
  39. loml Taylor Swift
  40. Amores Como El Nuestro Jerry Rivera
  41. For The First Time Mac DeMarco
  42. Luna de Xelaju Paco Pérez
  43. Amorcito Corazón Pedro Infante
  44. Somewhere Over The Rainbow Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
  45. Silver Sable Cigarettes After Sex
  46. So High School Taylor Swift
  47. Qué Agonía (feat. Ángela Aguilar) Yuridia Gaxiola
  48. august Taylor Swift
  49. I Miss You blink-182
  50. La Isla Bonita Madonna